World Surfaris-Surf Adventures

WORLD SURFARIS-Surf Adventures
World Surfaris Will Get You There!
Just when you thought you couldn’t take your Mal to the Maldives…You can! In jumps WORLD SURFARIS and organises it all for you. Easy as you please, and Surf Shop Peregian Beach can point you in the right direction!

World Surfaris-Surf Adventures

Offer the best spots, like Riptides, Chickens, Sultans, and Cokes just to name a few, all within close proximity of each other on your very own motor boat, with luxury or budget accomodation available.

world surfaris

world surfaris

Further Information
Transfers are included, your mobile phones can work on roaming settings, and Wifi works in most places. All Guided Tours are with expert Skippers and Crew. Surf lessons are not included as tours are suitable for low, intermediate and above levels of ability. Bring your own boards, but for diving, gear can be arranged.


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