Julian Wilson is he the most photographed person in world


JULIAN WILSON Is he the most photographed person in world?
Is he the most photographed person in world or is it Brittany Spears? Some say it’s Obama, but I digress lets talk about Julian Wilson.

Julian Wilson

From a fanatical family of surfers, this talent has won National Titles both in Long and Shortboard before hitting the Shortboards as preference.

Just as well, as it followed with multiple Pro Jr. titles and the rest is so well documented in many magazines, movies and video’s on the global scene.
Enjoy! Video by Sunnycoast Klips

He is literally one of the worlds most photographed persons in world.

Here is on of his best captures for your enjoyment.

JULIAN WILSON Is he the most photographed person in world?

JULIAN WILSON Is he the most photographed person in world?

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Coolum Surfing

Coolum Surfing.

Coolum Surfing
Coolum Surfing and its nearby beaches like Yaroomba and Peregian beach, can offer holiday visitors a variety of great surfing sections to investigate.

The scenic beaches are regularly patrolled by conscientious Surf Life Savers who present an environment of safety, for surfers of all skill levels and bathers too.
Also on the agenda must be the laid-back village style atmosphere at Peregian Beach for a look at.
The other highly urbanised area that has made Coolum sought after for holiday makers to the Sunshine Coast is its variety of accommodation that is available to it’s visitors, from Vanning to High end.
If you are more serious about learning or honing your surfing skills, Surf Shop Peregian Beach is the place to gain valuable tips from real surfers with years of surfing experience. We can also arrange private surfing lessons to suit your timetable.

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Noosa | SURF SHOP.

Noosa, the play ground for some rich and famous from time to time.

Weekend Warrior Events

Weekend Warrior Events

Celebrity spotting comes and goes as fast as a Massimo ice cream with out much fuss. The generosity of the people visiting Noosa that to many are called tourists, mingle with the locals with out much fuss, and opt for the front stalls in the local cafe’s are all part of what has made Noosa and it’s surrounds a vibrant place to stay and visit.

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Modern Surfboards

Modern Surfboards.

Modern Surfboards
Blackfish, Blackbird and Retro
Modern Surfboards manufactured by GSI and featured at our store are the Blackfish, Blackbird, and the Retro. The spiraling popularity of these boards brings us to do a reminder of these boards, so get in store and get yours now at Surf-Shop
These relatively new range of Modern Surfboards were designed by GSI’s Product Manager, Corey Davis, and based on feedback from retail partners, their customers, and some of GSI’s most accomplished and experienced staff members.
Striking resin tints, rich color pallets of gloss, create a high-end finish that dates back to the traditional style of surfboard making are features of the Modern Surfboards.
These Modern Surfboards

Modern Surfboards

have been manufactured using the highest quality glass, resin, and tint colors imported from the USA.

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Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater


Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater Health Tips
Once in a while when surfing around the Net you come across articles that impress, and “Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater” is one. The following in it’s entirety, is one that needs to be read, as it gives an insight into how Kelly maintains his health, fitness and competitiveness, and, what he really thinks.
I think you will enjoy reading the un-edited version of insights of Health Tips from the Pro: Kelly Slater By Gem, aka Mrs Barefoot in the Kitchen.
Follow the links from Surf-Shop

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Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

In the early days we used to lose our boards on the rocks, hit an occasional surfer in the way with a loose board, and swim a lot, as we didn’t have leg ropes. Those were the days, and we apologised for any injury incurred along the way.

Then a whole bunch of guys came up with innovative ideas with some that didn’t amount to much, but out of all this a “Leg Rope” was born.
This Leg Rope stopped your board from going onto the rocks…yeeeewwww!
This Leg Rope stopped the swim to the beach…yeeeewwww!
This Leg Rope allowed the frequency of waves surfed in one session instantly double…yeeeewwww!
Most of all, the Leg Rope stopped the board from hitting a lot of other people.
The only down side was that they had “Bungie” style elasticity at the time, and you had to be aware that they really did twang back at you superfast, and whack you in the face…not a good look. But we soon got the hang of the twang, and used them religiously. Leg Ropes didn’t take long to evolve into a use full surfing necessity.
This brings me again to the “Modern Retro Surfer” and the attitude towards “Leg Ropes” today (I will add here, If you are within a small group of like minded, and away from others you may be the exception)
If you are surfing within a crowd, with all levels of other surfers, on a busy day for example, First Point on any lazy Sunday in Summer, I don’t think it is “Cool” to surf any board, especially the likes of a Mal, with out a “Leg Rope

Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

Even the “Pro Loggers” fall off,”.
I don’t care if your board goes up on the rocks and I wont stop it.
I don’t care if you are in for a long swim.
And I certainly don’t care if your frequency of waves is half, because you spend time swimming.
All I’m concerned with is, that you guys contribute to personal damage to people, when a loose board hits them, they stay hit!.. end of story.
It is only pure luck some one has not been killed on our coast up till now by a loose spinning board.

Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

Fortunately we live in a democracy.
You have the right do what you see fit within the law as Leggies are not required by Law, (until it gets legislated against that is, as in America), and then you have the right to appeal.
Doesn’t that make Australia just the greatest country in the world to surf in?
Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

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Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto : WTF
HAYDEN SHAPES HYPTO KRYPTO was the next board of choice for our Surf-Shop team rider Steve Maloney who also operates Sunnycoast Klips and in his first session at North Sunshine was a complete convert to this Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto. Stevo’s size of choice was a 5′ 6″ as he didn’t want to lose floatation and paddle power. “Sort of paddles like a dream because of that volume, and with that flatter rocker it lets you to draw fast flowing lines, and how fast do you want to go. Yeeewwwww!”

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